2017 Prime Guest Program

  • Preferred seating at Cultural Function
  • Reserved queues for Bhog, Foods & Sindoor Khela
  • Free food coupons (varies by level, extra coupons available for purchase)


We firmly believe that it is YOUR Puja. Join us and celebrate this great festival with your family. Contact us to Sponsor, Donate or Volunteer


Thanks to:

 Grand celebration Sep 30 & Oct 1 for 2017 

The Jo Ann Magistro Performing Arts Center

Formerly East Brunswick Performing Arts Center

200 Rues Lane, East Brunswick, NJ

Our 5 year journey

 2017 Title Sponsors 

Zee Bangla

New York Life
PnG Jewellers

Events A variety of events for the entire family

Utsov Durga Puja 2017. Join us with your family.

2017 Utsov Durga Puja will be held on Saturday, September 30th and Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at the following location:

The Jo Ann Magistro Performing Arts Center
Formerly East Brunswick Performing Arts Center
At Hammarskjold Middle School
200 Rues Lane
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

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Utsov Puja

Prime Guest and Prime Patron. Help us make a better puja.

Over the years we have had many well-wishers and patrons who have contributed with an open heart to make Utsov Durga Puja a grand success and advance Utsov’s philanthropic ambitions to new heights. Starting this year we would like to recognize and honor those who donate at the Prime Patron and Prime Guest levels. We want you to spend your time enjoying the Puja. Your time is valuable, and we would like to offer you an environment where you would not have to wait in celebrating with your family and friends. At Utsov, “you do not have to be at the right place at the right time”™ to feel special. Both programs include:

  • Preferred seating at Cultural Function
  • Reserved queues for Bhog, Foods & Sindoor Khela
  • Free food coupons (varies by level, extra coupons available for purchase)
  • Raffle entry for gold coins
Please Note: Utsov is a registered 501 3(c) not-for-profit organaization. Your entire donation may be tax-deductible. Please talk to your tax professional for details.

Prime Guest.

The Prime Guest program is for patrons who want to enjoy the Puja with family and friends while wishing Utsov's success by contributing meaningfully. There are three levels of the Prime Guest programs:

Prime Guest Level 1 Donations of $160 or above

Designed for single patrons or couples. Comes with 4 dinner coupons and 4 snack coupons to cover you for 2 days event at the Utsov Durga Puja.

Prime Guest Level 2 Donations of $225 or above

Designed for families with 2 children. Comes with 4 dinner coupons for adults, 4 dinner (pizza) coupons for children, 6 snack coupons. Children above 12 or preferring main course dinner, contact the front desk or coupon seller to compensate.

Prime Guest Level 3 Donations of $325 or above

Designed for families with 2 children and 2 seniors (parents). Comes with 8 dinner coupons for adults, 4 dinner (pizza) coupons for children, 10 snack coupons. Children above 12 or preferring main course dinner, contact front desk or coupon seller to compensate.

Prime Patron.

The Prime Patron program is designed for patrons who want to make a donation to help Utsov with the Puja event and its philanthropic endeavors. The donation can be on behalf of an individual or an organization. Minimum donation level is $500. Please contact us directly to work with you if you have any specific needs for the event.

Puja Schedule.

Saturday September 30th

MahaSasthi Puja 11:00 AM
MahaSaptami Puja 12:30 PM
Pushpanjali 2:30 PM
**Bhog Prasad 2:30 PM
Arati 3:30 PM

Sunday October 1st

MahaAshtami Puja 11:00 AM
Pushpanjali 12:15 PM
Sandhi Puja 12:45 PM
**Bhog Prasad 1:30 PM
MahaNabami Puja 1:45 PM
Pushpanjali 2:45 PM
Arati 3:00 PM
MahaDashami Puja 3:15 PM
Sindoor Khela 6:00 PM
** If you are interested in sponsoring Bhog for the Utsov Durga Puja 2017, please let us know. Register To Sponsor Bhog

Message from Parul Mishra

Message from Vishwajeet Borwankar

Musical Evening. Indian Classical, bollywood & fusion.

Parul Mishra & Vishwajeet Borwankar in a spellbinding musical performance at UTSOV this year with live band, Resonance Band

Born on June 27th, 1988 in Gorakhpur, Parul Mishra has been active in all Indian popular and light classical music having sung film songs, ghazals, and bhajans and pop, she is the supreme voice of popular Indian Music. Fame really came to her, though, only through the show “Fever 104 SING WITH A.R. RAHMAN CONTEST ”. The prize for the winner was to perform live with Mr A R Rahman in Delhi , with reputed singers of bollywood like Chitra ji , Hariharan ji , kailash ji , Madhu shree , Sadhna Sargam and Chenmai Her first break in a Hindi film was in the film ‘ADA’ . A way of life directed by Mr Tanvir Ahmed and music directed by Mr A.R RAHMAN

Vishwajeet Borwankar is the winner of Zee Marathi Saregamapa 2011 and a contestant on Zee Saregamapa 2012. Viswajeet is from a very supportive musical background. He was introduced to the intricacies in talim under guru-shishya parampara by Dr. Ram Deshpande, who is one of the leading Vocalists of today’s generation and a torch bearer of Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet. Vishwajeet received rigourous talim of Gwalior Gharana during this period. 

Resonance Band is a team of like-minded musicians who enjoy performing popular Indian music. More information on the band is available on their facebook site.
The band has the following members:

  • Keyboard : Satyajit Bhattacharya
  • Guitar: Ranjan Ray Choudhury
  • Drums: Danny William
  • Octopad: Makarand Utpat
  • Unmissable Utsov home production by Utsov kids.

    Be ready for an awesome performance by our kids. They have been working hard to put up a great show for you.

    Activities for kids. Open to all.

    coming soon...

    These activities are open to all kids, everywhere. One doesn't need to be associated with Utsov to participate.

    • Art Competition - Saturday, September 30th, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM. Registration open for 2017.

      Please bring your own pencils, colors or other equipments. We will provide you with paper.

      Results will be declared during the Cultural evening on September 30th . Please note that all participants will be awarded certificates of participation and winning entries will be distributed trophies

    • 2017 Talent Show - Sunday, October 1st, 4:00 PM. Registration open for 2017.

      Have a talent in singing, dancing, mimicry, magic or any other performing art? Between 8 & 17 years old? Hurry up and register! Ma Durga is almost here!

      Register below with a video link of your performance or send it to activities@utsov.org by September 24th 2017. Selection notifications will be sent out by September 28th 2017.

      g Selection Criteria: The theme for your performance should be Indian. Exceptions allowed are for instruments (western classical will be allowed) and Magic.

      Please Note: All Registrations and Submissions have to be in on or before their respective dates. Last minute entries during the event or without prior screening may not be considered.

    Durga Puja Kids Activities

    Durga Puja Adult Activities

    Activities for adults. Open to all.

    The following activities are open to all adults. Anyone can participate, with no direct or indirect association with Utsov.

    • Conch Shell Blowing Contest - Sunday, October 1st, 5:30 PM.

    All Submissions by September 24th. All registration by September 28th. Register

    Authentic Bengali Food. Relish the taste.

    A variety of snacks and main courses available for purchase **

    • Snacks

      Mochar Chop,Eichor er Chop, Fish Fry, Vegetable Chop, Vegetable Singara, Vegetable Ghoogni, Devil Chop, Mangser Ghoogni, Mangser Singara, Chicken Kabab, Misti Doi, Bengali Sweets (Nalen Gurer Kalakant, Rasogolla, Kalo Jam, PatiSopta).
    • Saturday Dinner

      Rice, Dal, Salad, Aechor (green jackfruit) Kaalia, Kasha Mangso (Goat Meat), Green Mango Chutney, Rasogolla.
    • Sunday Dinner

      Khichuri, Beguni (Eggplant Pakora), Labra (Mixed Vegetables), Tomato Chutney, Malai Curry.

    Durga Puja Tradition Food

    **Menu subject to change based on availability

    Thanks to our sponsors Check out our annual magazine for details

    We welcome your business sponsorship in our efforts. If you are interested, please leave your information so that we can contact you for more details.

    Sponsor our Effort

    Utsov And Philanthropy Trying to make a difference

    Utsov & Philanthropy

    “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

    Mother Teresa

    No celebration is complete without sharing the happiness with others, especially the less privileged. Utsov truly believes in “We Rise by Lifting Others”. Hence, we started our philanthropic journey through several charitable organizations by donating part of our collections from Durga Puja Event. Your generous contributions and well wishes help us to stay in this journey. Let’s walk together to make a better future for others.

    A few of our achievements so far. You made it possible.

    1. Utsov Inc. has signed up as a joint sponsor of Special Education Programs for tribal students of the Nayantara Memorial Charitable Trust (NMCT). The core purpose of NMCT is to change the plight of the tribals who do not have control over their own lives, by empowering them with tools and trainings that are necessary for shaping their own destiny.
    2. Shrirampur Child Guidance Center, of Shrirampur in West Bengal is an organization with a goal to support special children with emotional and behavioural disorders and physical challenges between 2-18 years of age. The idea is to maximize their potential and make them productive members of society to the fullest possible extent. Utsov Inc. has started donating money this organization in 2015 and we plan to continue with yearly contributions.

    In addition, Utsov also donates to various causes or individuals depending on need and availability of funds. For example Utsov donated to the Nepal Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund to aid the victims of the 2015 earthquakes which devastated the country. Utsov has alos made donations to the St. Jude Children Cancer Hospital on multiple ocassions.

    Utsov Philanthrophy. Getting kids involved in giving.

    Utsov Philanthrophy will support kids in fundraising activities for their respective schools. The funds raised will go to St. Jude Children Cancer Hospital.

    Please Note: Due to time and space constraints, we can only support 15 students on a first-come-first-served basis. Interested students/pratents please contact philanthrophy@utsov.org.

    Help us do more. Every dollar counts!

    If you wish to donate to these or other charities we identify in future, you can send your donation check (payable to “Utsov Inc.”) to our mailing address:

    You can help
    Utsov, Inc.
    31 Richard Road
    Edison, NJ 08820

    Please remember to send us your contact info if you want a reciept.
    To donate with PayPal, make payment to: utsov.usa@gmail.com or use the "Donate with PayPal" button below. If you wish to help Utsov's efforts while enjoying the sharod utsov that is organize every year, please consider participating in the Prime Guest or Prime Patron programmes at the event.

    Thank you for your continued support to Utsov's philanthropic efforts.

    Info Useful links about Bengal and Durga Puja

    About Utsov A cultural organization based in New Jersey

    Utsov Inc. Vision & Mission

    “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

    Swami Vivekananda

    Utosv Inc. is a vibrant young organization founded by a group of young (at heart) professionals. We are dedicated to promote the rich cultural heritage of India. We want to remind our friends and families of our roots.


    Utsov Inc., a ‘not-for-profit’ organization registered in NJ, is dedicated to arrange and celebrate religious and cultural festivals of India, for the purpose of upholding the country's gracious values and rich heritage. We believe in our core values of transparency, integrity, fellowship and stewardship.

    Utsov Vision

    Utsov Objective


    • To promote the religious & culture heritage of India.
    • To celebrate traditional festivities of India including religious observance in USA, in its fullest glory and richness.
    • To arrange musical concerts, dance, drama, art and craft exhibitions, literally seminar, in order to promote traditional arts and crafts, music and literature of India, including offering financial support to such artisans, folk musicians, and so on.
    • To raise fund from time to time to support and augment various charitable activities that the Utsov decides to undertake.
    • To aid and assist members, their families and the community at large, in their moment of need and financial assistance.

    Contact Utsov

    Our registered offices are at 31 Richard Road in Edison New Jersey. You can call us at 313.33.UTSOV(313.338.8768). You can also contact the following people directly:

    • Krishna Sen - 732.648.7461
    • Subrata Maitra - 646.872.3639
    • Goutam De - 516.519.1434
    • Ayan Chattaraj - 201.787.6861
    • Joydeep Chakraborty - 732.543.4928

    Use the buttons below to contact us for a specific reason. You can also contact us through social media. Links on the footer.